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Our AJAN filter cartridges as a replica or alternative guarantee outstanding filtration efficiency and quality for industrial extraction and filter systems. 

Especially for plasma cutting in combination with AJAN jet filter extraction systems. Whether in metalworking or the automotive industry, AJAN filters effectively remove welding fumes, cutting dust from cutting systems and other harmful particles from the air in your work area.

23,9 m²
Replikat-Filter fit for
AJAN Jet Filter System | DONALDSON Downflo II (DFT)

DONALDSON 262-5947 | DONALDSON 2625026-000-440 | DONALDSON 2625060

Replacement filters for industrial extraction systems from the manufacturer AJAN

Our comprehensive range of AJAN filters as replicas serves a variety of industries and applications. From welding fume extraction to reliable filtration of dry fine and coarse dust, our AJAN filters are a reliable solution. Our product range includes high-performance manufacturer filters such as filter cartridges for extraction systems, filter systems and hall ventilation systems. Rely on our alternatives to AJAN filters to safely capture harmful particles during industrial welding and cutting work.

Healthy working environment thanks to reliable capture of particles, dust and welding fumes

With AJAN filters in the, you can guarantee safe and effective filtration: Whether welding, cutting or grinding, our AJAN filter cartridges ensure reliable separation of particles in industrial welding fume extraction and filter systems.