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Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters are extremely important in the metalworking, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. At, we offer a diverse selection of replacement activated carbon filters for extraction units and extraction systems from various manufacturers.

ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER Mini WeldMaster

KEMPER 1090008
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER FilterTable

KEMPER 1090345
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER MaxiFil activated carbon filter

KEMPER 1090505
34 m²
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER MaxiFil activated carbon filter

KEMPER 1090515
Available in 14 days
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER welding fume filter

KEMPER 1090005

Activated carbon filters from various manufacturers for industry 

Our extensive range of filters by type offers you reliable activated carbon filters with a safe filter system for specific requirements in industry. Whether for capturing and reducing gases, solvent-containing dusts and vapours or for absorbing odours - thanks to activated carbon, our filters efficiently capture harmful particles in the air and neutralise unpleasant odours. 

Manufacturers such as KEMPER are characterised by their long-lasting activated carbon filters and their reliable filtration of gases and odours. With a wide range of replacement activated carbon filters that are specially tailored to your manufacturer's extraction system, we guarantee that you will find the perfect filter for your industry at 

Effective filtration, gas reduction and odour absorption thanks to filters with activated carbon

Improve the quality of the air in your industry by relying on our industrial activated carbon filters to absorb odours, gases and solvent-based dusts for filter systems and plants.