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KEMPER Welding fume filter - activated carbon filter - 610x610x125 mm

Product information "KEMPER Welding fume filter - activated carbon filter - 610x610x125 mm"
Original product - suitable for KEMPER welding fume filter, KEMPER central soldering fume extraction system and KEMPER extraction system for soldering systems

Original KEMPER welding fume filter Activated carbon filter as filter cassette with the dimensions 610 x 610 x 125 mm. Particularly compact Storage filter made of activated carbon with a filling weight of 16 kg. The filter is optimally matched to the filter technology of the KEMPER welding fume filter and the soldering fume extraction systems and is particularly easy to replace.

The filter weighs 21 kg and is listed by the manufacturer under KEMPER 1090005 .
!KEMPER Art.No.: KEMPER 1090005
Compatible devices: KEMPER welding fume filter
Dimensions : 610 x 610 x 125 m
Filter: Original filter
Filter by manufacturer: KEMPER mobile units, KEMPER stationary devices / systems
Filter by type: Filter cassette
Filter material: Activated carbon
Filter process: Storage filter
Material: Wooden frame (MDF)

Suitable filters

15,8 m²
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER Filter-Cell | KEMPER FilterTable | KEMPER mechanical filter unit | KEMPER welding fume filter

KEMPER 1090010