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KEMPER SolderFil HEPA filter - H13 - 2,3 m²

Product information "KEMPER SolderFil HEPA filter - H13 - 2,3 m²"
Original product - suitable for KEMPER SolderFil and KEMPER suction and filter aggregate for soldering fumes

Original KEMPER SolderFil HEPA filter as a filter cassette with the dimensions 305 x 305 x 210 mm. The HEPA filter made of Glass fiber fleece with aluminum separators with a Filter area of 2.3 m² corresponds to Filter class H13 and has a Filter efficiency of 99.95%. An activated carbon filter with a filling weight of 1.8 kg is installed downstream of the HEPA filter. The filter cassette, tested in accordance with DIN EN 1822-1:2019 | ISO 29463-1:2017, is optimally matched to the filter technology of the KEMPER SolderFil and is particularly easy to change.

The filter has a weight of 5.8 kg and is listed by the manufacturer under KEMPER 1090002.
!KEMPER Art.No.: KEMPER 1090002
Compatible devices: KEMPER SolderFil
Dimensions : 305 x 305 x 210 mm
Filter: Original filter
Filter area: 2,3 m²
Filter by manufacturer: KEMPER mobile units, KEMPER stationary devices / systems
Filter by type: Filter cassette
Filter class: H13
Filter efficiency: ≥ 99,9 %
Filter material: Glass fiber fleece with aluminum separators
Filter process: Storage filter
Material: Wooden frame (MDF)

Suitable pre-filters

Replikat-Filter fit for
KEMPER Mini WeldMaster | KEMPER SolderFil

KEMPER 1090034