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Main filter - 600x600x292 mm - E12 for KEMPER ProfiMaster

Product information "Main filter - 600x600x292 mm - E12 for KEMPER ProfiMaster"
Replica Main filter suitable for use in the KEMPER ProfiMaster

Alternative to KEMPER Manufacturer article number: 1090457

Replica Main filter for KEMPER ProfiMaster as a filter cassette with the dimensions 600x600x292 mm. Particularly compact Storage filter for the KEMPER ProfiMaster made of Glass fiber fleece with a Filter area of 17 m². The filter with filter class E12 is tested according to DIN EN 1822-1:2019 | ISO 29463-1:2017 and achieves a filter efficiency of ≥ 99.5 %.

The disposable filter of the extraction unit is optimally matched to the filter technology of the KEMPER ProfiMaster and is particularly easy to change. The filter has a weight of 15 kg and is listed by the manufacturer under KEMPER 1090457.

Important note: Warranty is retained when used in KEMPER ProfiMaster

All Replica filters in the are tested and approved by KEMPER. The Devices warranty is therefore retained when using our Replica filters in the KEMPER ProfiMaster.
Alternative to manufacturer art. no.: KEMPER 1090457
Compatible devices: KEMPER ProfiMaster
Dimensions : 600 x 600 x 292 mm
Filter: Replica filter
Filter area: 17 m²
Filter by manufacturer: KEMPER mobile units
Filter by type: Filter cassette
Filter class: E12
Filter efficiency: ≥ 99,5 %
Filter material: Glass fiber fleece
Filter process: Storage filter
Material: Wooden frame (MDF)

Suitable pre-filters

Replikat-Filter fit for
KEMPER FilterMaster | KEMPER ProfiMaster | KEMPER welding fume filter | KEMPER welding fume filter IFA | TEKA CAREMASTER stationary

KEMPER 1090033 | TEKA 10032
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Alternative original main filter

17 m²
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER ProfiMaster

KEMPER 1090457