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Filter cartridge - 327x600 mm - ePTFE membrane - 10 m² - for TEKA NEDERMAN

Product information "Filter cartridge - 327x600 mm - ePTFE membrane - 10 m² - for TEKA NEDERMAN"
Replacement filter as a replica, alternative to TEKA 10025, TEKA 6160600110008, TEKA 100090, TEKA 10025078 and TEKA 100050125 NEDERMANN 12375379

Filter cartridge in the dimensions 328 x 600 mm for use in:
  • TEKA CartMaster PF
  • TEKA CartMaster IFA
  • TEKA CartMaster IFA Wall
  • TEKA FilterCube 2N
  • TEKA FilterCube 4N HV / MV
  • TEKA Strongmaster
  • NEDERMAN WeldFilter EC10 / EC20

High-performance Cleaning filter made of Polyester fleece with laminated PTFE membrane and a Filter area of 10 m². The ePTFE membrane has a unique microstructure of billions of randomly arranged pores and achieves a Filter efficiency of ≥ 99.9 %. The Filter cartridge complies with Dust classification M, tested in accordance with DIN EN 60335-2-69:2010 Annex AA. The Filter medium is cast in synthetic resin at the top and bottom.

The Filter cartridge is designed for cleaning using a Jet-Pulse system.

Important note: Do not use for KEMPER systems with rotation nozzles.

The filter is designed for JET-Pulse systems. Even if the dimensions are identical at first glance, the filter design differs for these two cleaning methods.
Alternative to manufacturer art. no.: NEDERMAN 12375379, TEKA 10025, TEKA 100090, TEKA 10025078, TEKA 100050125, TEKA 6160600110008
Compatible devices: BLOTENBERG Easy, NEDERMAN WeldFilter EC10 / EC20, TEKA CartMaster IFA, TEKA CartMaster IFA Wand, TEKA CartMaster PF, TEKA FilterCube 2N, TEKA FILTERCUBE 4N HV / MV, TEKA STRONGMASTER
Dimensions : 327 x 600 mm
Dust classification: M
Filter: Replica filter
Filter area: 10 m²
Filter by manufacturer: BLOTENBERG, NEDERMAN, TEKA
Filter by type: Filter cartridge
Filter efficiency: ≥ 99,9 %
Filter material: Polyester fleece with ePTFE membrane
Filter process: Cleaning filter
Material: Support basket made of expanded metal, encapsulated filter material

Alternative filter cartridge

10 m²
Replikat-Filter fit for

TEKA 10025 | TEKA 6160600110008