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Filter cartridge - 327x600 mm - PTFE coating - 10 m² for TEKA

Product information "Filter cartridge - 327x600 mm - PTFE coating - 10 m² for TEKA"
Replacement filter as a replica, alternative to TEKA 10025, TEKA 6160600110008, TEKA 100050125

Filter cartridge in the dimensions 327 x 600 mm for use in:
  • TEKA CartMaster PF
  • TEKA FilterCube 2N
  • TEKA FilterCube 4N HV / MV
High-performance Cleaning filter made of Polyester fleece with a Filter area of 10 m². The non-stick coating with PTFE ensures very good cleanability of the Filter material.

The Filter cartridge achieves a Filter efficiency of ≥ 99.9 % and corresponds to Dust classification M, tested in accordance with DIN EN 60335-2-69:2010 Annex AA. The Filter medium is cast in synthetic resin at the top and bottom.

The Filter cartridge is designed for cleaning using a Jet-Pulse system.

Important note: Do not use for KEMPER systems with rotation nozzles.

The filter is designed for JET-Pulse systems. Even if the dimensions are identical at first glance, the filter design differs for these two cleaning methods.
The Filter cartridge is an alternative to TEKA 10025, TEKA 6160600110008.
Alternative to manufacturer art. no.: TEKA 10025, TEKA 6160600110008
Compatible devices: TEKA CartMaster PF, TEKA FilterCube 2N, TEKA FILTERCUBE 4N HV / MV, TEKA STRONGMASTER
Dimensions : 327 x 600 mm
Dust classification: M
Filter: Replica filter
Filter area: 10 m²
Filter by manufacturer: TEKA
Filter by type: Filter cartridge
Filter efficiency: ≥ 99,9 %
Filter material: Polyester fleece with PTFE coating
Filter process: Cleaning filter
Material: Support basket made of expanded metal, encapsulated filter material

Alternative filter cartridge

10 m²
Replikat-Filter fit for
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