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Filter cartridge - 327x1200 mm - PTFE coating - 20 m² for KEMPER

Product information "Filter cartridge - 327x1200 mm - PTFE coating - 20 m² for KEMPER"
Replacement filter as an alternative to KEMPER 1090442

Filter cartridge in the dimensions 327 x 1200 mm for use in:
  • KEMPER System 9000 (before 11/2007)
High-performance Cleaning filter made of Polyester fleece with PTFE coating and a Filter area of 20 m². The non-stick coating with PTFE ensures very good cleanability of the Filter material. The filter cartridge corresponds to Dust classification M, tested in accordance with DIN EN 60335-2-69:2010 Annex AA, and achieves a very high filter efficiency of ≥ 99.9 %. The Filter cartridge is open at the top, the bottom is closed except for a 13 mm hole for fastening. The Filter medium is cast in synthetic resin at the top and bottom. A belt wrapped spirally around the metal support basket prevents contact between the Filter medium and the support basket, but allows the necessary mobility for cleaning using rotary nozzles.

The Filter cartridge is easy to replace and is an alternative to KEMPER 1090442.

Important note: KEMPER replica. Only for KEMPER systems. Optimized filter for KEMPER extraction systems with rotary nozzles. Do not use for systems from other manufacturers with JET Pulse cleaning, even if the dimensions appear to fit. You will find special filter cartridges with the same dimensions but a different design in the

Warranty retention when used in KEMPER System 9000 (before 11/2007)

All Replica filters in the are tested and approved by KEMPER. Devices are therefore covered by warranty when using our Replica filters in the KEMPER System 9000.
Compatible devices: KEMPER System 9000 (before 11/2007)
Dimensions : 327 x 1200 mm
Dust classification: M
Filter: Replica filter
Filter area: 20 m²
Filter by manufacturer: KEMPER stationary devices / systems
Filter by type: Filter cartridge
Filter efficiency: ≥ 99,9 %
Filter material: Polyester fleece with PTFE coating
Filter process: Cleaning filter
Material: Support basket made of expanded metal, encapsulated filter material

Alternative filter cartridges

20 m²
Replikat-Filter fit for
KEMPER System 9000 (before 11/2007)

KEMPER 1090442
20 m²
ORIGINAL-Filter fit for
KEMPER System 9000 (before 11/2007)

KEMPER 1090442